My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Leak

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Hip-Hop, music

Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy leaked yesterday.  Kanye’s much hyped 5th studio album is scheduled for official release on November 22nd.    It really is quite hard to keep an album from leaking these days.  However, most of the Kanye leaks to hit the internet so far are clean versions.  The album sounds pretty genius and artistic, as we’ve come to expect from Kanye.  The album will sound significantly better unedited and with bonus tracks.  Check out songs Hell of a Life and Blame Game, plus all the others, too.

One of five album covers

Download Link

Download Link 2

Track list

1. “Dark Fantasy” 4:40
2. “Gorgeous” (featuring Kid Cudi & Raekwon) 5:57
3. “Power” (featuring Dwele) 4:52
4. “All of the Lights” (Interlude) 1:02
5. “All of the Lights” 4:59
6. “Monster” (featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nick Minaj & Bon Iver) 6:18
7. “So Appalled” (featuring Jay-Z, Push T, Prynce Cy Hi, Swizz Beatz & The RZA) 6:38
8. “Devil in a New Dress” (featuring Rick Ross) 5:52
9. “Runaway” (featuring Pusha T) 9:08
10. “Hell of a Life” 5:27
11. “Blame Game” (featuring John Legend) 7:49
12. “Lost in the World” (featuring Bon Iver) 4:16
13. “Who Will Survive in America”

  1. Mary says:

    The links aren’t working anymore, the albums been removed

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