Chris Webby: White Rapper on the College Scene

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

A lot of people are familiar with Sam Adams, the white rapper who gained popularity by attracting the college age party audience.

Chris Webby in his elements (photo courtesy of

But Sam Adams isn’t the only up and coming white rapper out there.  Chris Webby, a 22 year old rapper from Norwalk, Connecticut, is not to be overlooked.  With 4 mixtapes under his belt all ready, Webby has established a unique and catchy flow that has people turning heads.  Much like Adams, Webby raps about topics college students can relate to: drinking, partying, smoking, girls, ADD, video games, and sports.

Don’t forget the swagger, confidence, and bad ass mentalities that come with rapping, Webby’s got those, too.

Sammy Adams has certainly gained way more commercial success, but Webby’s rhyming skills, especially in freestyle form, are far superior to Adams’.  Listen to some of his songs and you’ll know what I mean.

La La La – very catchy song with a familiar sample

Raising the Bar – 5 minutes straight of Webby spitting

Just Dance Remix – fiery version over Lady Gaga’s beat

I Love College Remix – Webby’s version of Asher Roth’s song.

5 minute College Freestyle – watch as Webby is just lounging on a couch but goes hard off the top

He’s a few lyrics from “Raising the Bar”:

I’m serving my competition like Roddick
I’m doctor robotic with knuckles in my pocket
Toxic so f***ing dirty you should wash it
Got this hot shit Lebron couldn’t block it


Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper mixtape (photo courtesy of

Webby’s first mixtape, The White Noise LP, came out in March 2009.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper, September 2009.

Optimus Rhyme, May 2010.

The Underclassmen, July 2010.

Get all these mixtapes and thousands other for free at

Webby remains unsigned for now, but possesses the rapping skills to land one.  There’s no doubt he has catchy rhymes and quick wits.  Hopefully a label can see his potential and give him some cash,  because he ain’t gettin paid much for these free mixtape.


  1. mloiselle2 says:

    The teenage mutant ninja rapper image is priceless. His type of style is pretty unique. Chris Webby has the swag of being official.

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