Lil Wayne’s “I am Not a Human Being” tops 250,000 sales

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Hip-Hop

Lil Wayne’s I am Not a Human Being has just eclipsed 250,000 in total sales, according to  The album sold 125,000 copies this past week, putting it at #1 on the week.

I am Not a Human Being is still going strong (AP photo)

The album was released digitally on September 27th, but didn’t come out in physical form until October 12th, which clearly explains the quick spike in sales.  Wayne has been staying in touch with fans as much as possible and keeping them updated, despite his recent solitary confinement punishment which started around October 4th.  A website created by Weezy’s friends, , has allowed the rapper to publish letters from jail for the fans to stay up to speed with his status.  Wayne has reiterated extensively how much love he has for his dedicated fans, and the fans show love back by supporting him.  T-minus two weeks ’til the Young Money rapper is free and Tha Carter 4 hits stores…

Perhaps you heard rumors over the past few months that Weezy was going to have a huge welcome home concert a day after released.  Well, change in plans fans.  Weezy wants to keep it in the family this time, according to Young Money President Mack Maine.  They plan to fly to Miami and have a party with all of Wayne’s immediate family and closest friends.

Lil Wayne with his daughter, Reginae, and Baby with his own girl (photo courtesy of

A “Welcome Home Weezy” concert is sure to follow soon, though.  Weezy just wants to show people that family always comes first, no matter what.

  1. dude made more money in jail then i’ll see in my life

  2. lil wanye your so ASOM

  3. Anonymous says:

    bi boss weezy stay nigga

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