Dr. Dre Detox album ready for Christmas?

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Hip-Hop, Uncategorized

The Dr. Dre Detox album has been in the works for practically 10 years.  Could it finally be here by the end of 2010?

Dre sporting his Beats (photo courtesy of accesshollywood.com)

It’s tough to say because the release date has already been bumped back several times over the years.  Dre recently said that in a “perfect world,” Detox would be out by this Christmas.  However, we’re not anywhere close to a perfect world.  The delays have been frustrating for hip-hop fans, but in the same breath the longer the wait, the better product.  With Dre, we know ever song is going to be phenomenal.

In the summer, an unfinished Dre song with Jay-Z titled “Under Pressure” leaked on the internet and caused a buzz around hip-hop sites.  “Under Pressure” was possibly going to be a single off of Detox, but you can kiss that goodbye now.  Dre has come out and said that no leaked tracks will be on Detox.  It’s tough to keep every song from being leaked in today’s day and age, but I think with Dre’s persistence he can get it done.

Dre, along with working on the album every day, has been doing a lot of promotional work with his Beats by Dre headphones.  They are like the Oakleys of headphones.  Expensive, but straight baller.  And now he’s teaming up with LeBron James for an athletic styled model called Powerbeats.  Dre and LeBron is a pretty dynamic duo, even though the super producer is 45 years old.

The headphones are cool and all, but we just want that Detox.  Don’t count on Christmas, but hey, it could happen.

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