Eminem wins big, T.I. in big trouble

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Hip-Hop, music

Just one week ago, Eminem was shining atop of the music world at the 2010 MTV VMAs in New York City.

Eminem in a 2010 performance (AP photo)

His strong performances of “Not Afraid” followed by “Love the Way You Lie” with Rihanna kicked off the evening’s show and turned out to be the best of the night.  Eminem took home the awards for best male and best hip-hop video with the wildly popular song “Not Afraid”, which is off his emotional and inspirational Recovery album.

The VMAs might be old news to some fans,  but did you catch Eminem’s intense cameo in the season finale of HBO’s Entourage which aired later the same night?  The 5’8″ white rapper showed he was no push over, as he landed a solid right hook in a club fight.

With his new comeback and all business mentality, Eminem has had a few mega concerts with Jay-Z and a slew of others in Detroit and New York City, the respected rappers’ home cities.  A hollywoodreporter.com concert reviewer was blown away by the September 13th show in Yankee Stadium.

With Eminem’s recent highs come T.I.’s lows.

T.I. making a court appearance (AP photo)

T.I., who completed his roughly one year of jail time earlier in the year, has found himself back in another tough jam.  He was pulled over and arrested on September 1st and faces multiple years for multiple felonies.  It doesn’t look good for the 28 year old Atlanta rapper.  The judge sympathetically cut a lot of time off of his 2007 gun charges sentence.  I don’t imagine the judge being so forgiving with the new multi-drug possession and probation violations.

On a more musical note, T.I.’s newest album, King Uncaged, is due to be released around September 28th.  With all the recent negative publicity, it remains unsure how the album will do on the charts.  Only time will tell, as certainly T.I. will be losing at least a few fans.

Confirmed singles off King Uncaged include “I’m Back,” “Pledge Allegiance to the Swag” featuring Rick Ross, and “Got Your Back” featuring Keri Hilson.

I mentioned Rihanna earlier.  The diva is once again in the thick of the buzz as she just released a new song with a colorful music video titled “Who’s that Chick?”

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